A simpler life

Viðreisn wants a liberal, equal-rights minded and international city. We want the city to be well run with services to the residents at the forefront.

We want to simplify the public administration, make it electronic, shorten waiting times and to reduce the number of forms.

We want the people to know exactly when their applications will be answered.

We want all applications to be accessible in English.


We want to bridge the gap between parental leave and kindergarten by increasing the supply of infant day care and offering support to others willing to do so.

We want to increase contributions to daycare parents by 50 million ISK, in order to offer increased choice to parents.

We want to have six kindergartens open over the summer in order to make it simpler for families to organise their holidays.


We want to combine schools and after-school leisure activities fully in order to simplify the child’s day and make it more comfortable.

We want professional freedom and independence for the schools and to make three-year budget agreements.

We want to allocate 50 million ISK yearly towards school development in order to ensure technical development and innovation.

We want to raise teachers’ salaries in order to make schools a more eligible workplace and to ensure high-quality education.


We want to simplify the issuing of building permits in order to make it more affordable to live in Reykjavík.

We want to support the industrial development in neighbourhoods in order to bring services closer to residents.

We want to lower the rates on business premises from 1,65% to 1,60% in order make Reykjavík a more desirable place to stay.


We want the City-line (Borgarlína), a new and productive means of public transportation for the capital area, to become a reality.

We want the most popular bus routes to drive once every 7,5 minutes during peak hours.

We want solutions such as tunnels and shafts in order to embellish the microenvironment and to improve traffic flow.

We want buses to be free for children up to the age of 12 that are accompanied by an adult.

We want more bike paths and we intend to give them nice names.


We want to see seven thousand new apartments in new neighbourhoods by Elliðaárvogur, Ártúnshöfði, and Keldur, and we want to see the development of Úlfarsárdalur finished according to current plans.

We want to continue condensing the city.

We want to increase the number of social residences by 350.


We want to increase the number of special housing resources for the disabled by a hundred residences.

We want the city to have its own initiative when it comes to services for the elderly and the disabled.

We want to increase the number of daycare services for the elderly by 40.

We want to improve the services and support of bathing the elderly.


We want equal pay, irrespective of sex, and we will correct the wages of the female classes.

We want the city to be operated with a surplus and we intend to subsidise debts.